The Juno Bio Study

Decode your vaginal microbes. 

The community of microbes in your vagina, aka the vaginal microbiome,  are implicated in women’s health and disease: from bacterial vaginosis through to infertility, recurrent miscarriages and preterm birth. Find out what’s in your vaginal microbiome. Get you vaginal microbiome profile, at no cost through The Juno Study. 

Join The Juno Study to get your vaginal microbiome profile.


At Juno Bio, we’re working to close the gender health gap. Women’s health research has been sidelined for far too long and vaginal health is badly in need of a good scientific sorting out. In particular, vaginal health conditions associated with vaginal microbes - aka the vaginal microbiome - such as bacterial vaginosis and infertility, are massively under researched. We’re conducting the Juno Study to decode the vaginal microbiome and power up discovery of the right solutions for every woman.  

Study Overview

The Juno Study is an observational study of the vaginal microbiome. We will send you sterile cotton swabs, that you will use to take up to 2 vaginal swabs, and a prepaid return envelope. All you have to do is fill in a survey and send us back your swabs. We will send you back your results and your survey responses and swab samples will then be anonymised. If you have any questions, have a chat with study staff here. 

What you will get in return 

We will send you your vaginal microbiome profile. This outlines the microbes detected from the vaginal swab that you send back to us. Processing of the results returned to you are carried out in a CLIA  lab. However, please note that this is carried out for research purposes only and is not a diagnostic. 


We’re building solutions for all women. We welcome all women that are 19 years old and over and living in Continental USA to join The Juno Study and receive their vaginal microbiome profile. To receive your sampling kit, you must have an email address, an address to which we can mail your kit and be sure to be able to mail it back to us using the prepaid envelope that we provide. 

Key Information 

Estimated Commitment

  • 10 minute Survey 

  • 1-2 at home vaginal swabs 

  • Mail the sample back to us within one week of collection using a prepaid envelope that we provide.

May be eligible 

  • Women aged 19 years old and over, living in Continental USA. 


  • Profile returned via email

  • All results returned are processed in a CLIA certified lab. 

Principal Investigator

Leighton Turner, PhD

Chief Technology Officer at Juno Bio Limited

Juno Bio Research Coordinators 


IRB No. 37662 under Advarra Internal Review Board

Join The Juno Study to get your vaginal microbiome profile.