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We’re decoding the vaginal microbiome

Disrupted vaginal microbiomes can cause everything from recurrent infections to infertility. Trouble is, they're a bit of a black box.

Decode your vaginal microbiome at home

That's why we've developed a breakthrough test that decodes your microbes while powering up research.
Good for you. Good for women.

How it works


Order your test 

Order online and we’ll post your kit straight to you. It’ll be in your hands in just a few days.

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Collect your sample

Take a simple vaginal swab and pH reading. Use the freepost box in your kit to send it to our lab.


Get your results

Access your results on your private dashboard and book in a 1:1 with our vaginal coach.


Power up discovery

Your anonymised results are pooled to power up research for all people with vaginas.

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You are in the best hands

We are a team of world class microbiome scientists who are passionate about decoding the vaginal microbiome and improving the standard of care available to people with vaginas. We believe everyone deserves access to personalised, non-judgmental care that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Developed by experts
    Our team of scientists and advisors
    are world leading
  • precision testing
    Our tests are quality controlled
  • Secure results
    We protect your privacy

What you get 

As we raise the standard for vaginal care, we’re here to listen to anything that’s on your mind, to get you the answers you need and to close the gender health gap with you. 


Easy breezy sample collection

 Order directly and take the easy vaginal swab and pH reading in your pyjamas.


Comprehensive testing

We identify all the bacteria present, not just a few. 


Personalised report in human speak

Every vagina is unique and we’ll clearly explain what your microbes mean for you.


1:1 Consultation

A vaginal coach will take you through your results.


Invite to the Juno community

We’re here to get you the answers you need.

Still not sure what to expect?
We’ll show you

Enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample user’s microbiome profile. Read up on her microbes, what they mean for her vaginal wellness and downstream implications

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Hear it from them

Our users are our biggest cheerleaders. Hear it from our users.

“Thanks to Juno Bio I no longer have recurring yeast infections or an underlying infection causing pelvic inflammation and daily discomfort. A wonderful idea and product that should be available to women global”
Chelsea, 29 years old
“The discussion with the specialist was great. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and her recommendations for my issues were great”
Kirti, 38 years old
“These results were very insightful and helped to lead me down the road to recovery. I’m still perplexed that my doctors never took the time to explain any of my microbiome issues or results with me”
Carina, 29 years old

We’re on a mission to close the gender health gap 

Join us as we decode the vaginal microbiome, accelerate category-defining scientific advancements and revolutionize vaginal care for all people with vaginas. 

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