Decode your vaginal microbes.

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Your vaginal microbes are a big deal.

Your vagina has microbes. Lots of them.

They’re usually well behaved and protect you against infections. But when this happy community is disrupted - sometimes without you even knowing! - it can lead to bacterial vaginosis, infertility and complications during pregnancy.

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You’re not alone.

49 Million women across the US will have a disrupted vaginal microbiome this year alone. 24 Million will never even know and 16 Million will experience it recurrently. Is it ridiculous that we still don’t have solutions for vaginal health issues? Yes.

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Power up discovery.

Women’s health and fertility has taken a backseat for far too long, especially conditions that over represented in minorities. At Juno Bio, we’re changing that. We’re committed to resolving the vaginal microbiome’s impact on health and fertility for all women. By joining The Juno Study, women are helping us push the frontier of women’s health for every woman.


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